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Stomas focus of Barousse complaints

Allegations of harassment from both sides lead to court filings

CROWLEY - An Acadia Parish elected official has filed for a restraining order that would stop his former political opponent and members of her family from riding by his home or visiting his office in the courthouse.
Clerk of Court Robert T. “Robby” Barousse was granted temporary restraining orders against Emily Stoma, Harvey Stoma and Ricky Stoma on May 14 just hours after a complaint against Barousse alleging harassment was filed by Chief Jimmy Broussard on behalf of Emily and Harvey Stoma.
On several occasions prior, Chief Broussard had dispatched officers to the Stoma residence on complaints filed by Barousse.
Emily Stoma ran unsuccessfully against Barousse for the clerk of court’s office. She is married to Harvey Stoma, brother of Ricky Stoma.
The Stomas and Barousse all live within two blocks of each other.
According to public records obtained by The Post-Signal, Harvey and Emily Stoma spoke with Chief Broussard just before noon on Thursday, May 14, alleging harassment by Barousse.
Broussard filed the complaint and officers notified Barousse of the allegations. On the evening of May 14, the three Stomas were served with the temporary restraining orders, all signed by 15th Judicial District Judge Kristian Earles.
A hearing on the matter is scheduled for Monday, June 1, at 10 a.m.
In the filings, Barousse claims all three of the Stomas stalked and harassed him and members of his family, including his wife and two children.
In the petition filed against Emily Stoma, Barousse claims that Stoma and her daughter-in-law were seen “passing on (a) red golf cart numerous times thru the month making remarks to my daughter.”
Barousse says he and a neighbor gave statements to the Crowley Police and that he has videos of the incidents.
He also claims that Emily Stoma “sent young children to pass on the same red golf cart on numerous occasions blowing the horn in front of my home.”
Those incidents, also, he claims, were captured on video.
“It started in March and here we are in May and it has not stopped,” Barousse wrote in the complaint. “It has gotten a lot worse.”
In a separate filing, Barousse claims that, during the months of February, March and April, Harvey Stoma “has been in our neighborhood in a car driven by another person at high rates of speed.”
Harvey Stoma was also in the neighborhood in his own personal vehicle, his wife’s vehicle and a golf cart, according to Barousse, who also claims that Harvey Stoma “tried to run in the back of my truck with my daughter with me.”
Barousse says he contacted the District Attorney’s office, which ultimately declined to charge Stoma.
He goes on to claim that Harvey Stoma “has come by on his red golf cart stalking my family, causing my wife and children not to go out in our own front yard.”
He says he has also has videos of Harvey Stoma’s actions.
Barousse claims that Ricky Stoma has been passing by his home three to five times a day since December “on a lawnmower, truck and bicycle.”
Barousse claims a Crowley Police officer visited Ricky Stoma and advised him not to go near the Barousse residence. “Ricky Stoma listened for about a week or less,” Barousse writes. “May 13 he was back by my home when he was told not to, so I’m filing this restraining order for that reason.”
Barousse says Crowley Police have a thumb drive with all the videos for evidence.
The court found the allegations presented by the clerk “constitute an immediate present danger of abuse.”
Among the orders issued by the court, the Stomas:
• cannot contact in any manner or go within 100 yards of Barousse or members of his family without the express written permission of the court;
• cannot go within 100 yards of Barousse’s residence; and
• are ordered to stay away from Barousse’s place of employment, namely the Acadia Parish Clerk of Court’s Office.
The Stomas offered no comment on the pending litigation.
Barousse said he preferred not to comment because the petitions have not yet gone to court.

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