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KING AND QUEEN REIGN - Reigning over the 2019 Rayne Grand Court Mardi Gras Ball held Saturday at the Civic Center were KIng Dwayne Derise and Queen Jamie Bouy. Additional highlights can be found inside on page 9A. (Acadian-Tribune Photo by Josie Henry)

Royalty reigns over Krewe Grand Court

RAYNE - His Majesty King Dwayne Derise and Her Majesty Queen Jamie Bouy, took center stage of Saturday’s Rayne Grand Court 8th Annual Mardi Gras Ball at the Rayne Civic Center.
This year’s ball, again sponsored by the Rayne Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, was transformed into a gala circus theme, “Under The Big Top!”
The annual Grand Court Mardi Gras Ball is a fundraiser for the Rayne Chamber of Commerce. Unlike traditional “krewe balls,” the Chamber-sponsored event is open to the general public and all proceeds are used for scholarships for Rayne High and Notre Dame graduates.
Dwayne Derise is the 41-year-old son of Nanette Estilette and Kim Derise. He has three brothers, Wayne Derise (twin), the late George Derise, and Tyler Sonnier. And he has one sister, Laurie Derise.
For 12 years he has been married to Ashley Cummings Derise and they make their home in Rayne with their daughter, Madelynn Dean Derise.
Dwayne is a graduate of Jeanerette Senior High and has been employed by the City of Rayne for the past six years as the Recreational Director.
In his spare time he enjoys camping, cooking, fantasy football, and of course annoying his wife.
When asked what his favorite thing about the Mardi Gras season was, he said partying with his family and friends.
Bouy, the former Jamie Molbert, is the 33-year-old daughter of Paul and Michelle Molbert. She has two brothers, Jacob and Matthew Molbert and one sister, Meagan Harst.
For six years she has been married to Lynn Bouy and they make their home in Rayne with their five children.
Jamie is a graduate of Notre Dame High School and is currently employed at Central Rayne Kindergarten.
In her spare time she enjoys teaching fitness classes and coaching cheerleaders.
When asked what her favorite thing about the Mardi Gras season was, she said the fun parades and parties.
Our 2019 Queen’s wish for her guest at this year’s Rayne Grand Mardi Gras Ball is for them to relax and have some fun!
After taking their seats on the stage, King Derise and Queen Bouy settled in for the introduction of special guests and their royal court, each entering to his or her own mix of music and dance “moves.” Most of the court members moved freely throughout “Under the Big Top” of the Civic Center before approaching the king and queen and taking a place on stage.
The Ringmaster, Laurie Myers Suire welcomed all to the special evening and made the introductions of the royal court. Suire is the 43-year-old daughter of Tola and Sondra Myers. She has been married to Jay Suire for twenty-two years and they make their home in Crowley wth their three boys. The long-time Mardi Gras fan and former 2010 Queen to King Cimmer 55th of the Krewe of Town Revelers said she loves everything ball-related.
What’s a circus without elephants, portrayed by Hannah McClelland and Mallorie McClelland, the first court introductions of the evening. Elephants never forget, but these elephants put on a show to the music of “Back to School” mix.
Hannah and Mallorie McClelland are the daughters of Jeff Richard and Raquel Courville of Church Point. Hannah is a 2018 graduate of Church Point High School and is currently attending LSUE in Eunice and majoring in Nursing, while Mallorie is currently attending school at Church Point High School in her senior year.
Every circus needs a strong man -- and the evening’s “Strong Man” was Beau Bergeron, able to complete unbelieveable feats of strength to the music of “Strong Man.”
Beau Bergeron is the 35-year-old son of Jerry and Susan Bergeron. He has been married to Kasi Bergeron for six years and they make their home in Zachary with their three children.
Entering twisting and turning were the “Tumblers,” including Danni Grace Meche, Anna-Claire Menard and Ava Arceneaux. The special little acrobats had the crowd cheering with delight to the music of “Unicorns.”
Anna-Claire is the 10-year-old daughter of Jacob and Jennifer Menard and is a student at Mire Elementary.
Ava Arceneaux is the eight-year-old daughter of Germaine and John Craig Arceneaux of Church Point and a student of Richard Elementary.
Danni Grace Meche is the 10-year-old daughter of Brian and Jade Durio and Troy Meche of Rayne and is a student at Mire Elementary.
Ball-goers wanted to know their future as the “Fortune Teller” looked into her crystal ball, better known as April Hanks who entered to the music of “Fortune Teller.”
April Hanks is the 34-year-old daughter of Gary and Debra Hebert. She has been married to Chase Hanks for fifteen years and make their home in Branch with their two children: She is a 2002 graduate of Rayne High School and is currently attending LSUE in Eunice and majoring in nursing.
A circus always has highlights of the Lion Tamer and his lions. The evening’s lion and tamer was Ben Leonards and Jessica Leonards as the tamer showed everyone exactly how she conquered the beast to the music of “Lion Tamer.”
Benjamin Leonards is the 33-year-old son of John “Bubba” and Sue Leonards. He has been married to Jessica Broussard Leonards (Lion Tamer) for nine years and they make their home in Crowley with their two sons.
The music and dancing of the “Snake Charmer” can hypnotize even the most dangerous of creatures, but Remi Winchester charmed the audience to the music of “Snake Charmer.”
Remi is the 19-year-old daughter of Monte and Missy Winchester of Mire. She is a graduate of Notre Dame High School and she is currently attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
What would a circus be without its most famous goodballs, clowns, portrayed by Tori Nero and Kourtney Credeur who entered the big top and entertained the audience to the tune of “Clowns.”
Kourtney Credeur and Tori Nero are the daughters of Aron and Denise Nero of Rayne.
Kourtney has been married to Brock Martin Credeur for the past two years. They make their home in Rayne with their two children. Kourtney is a 2013 graduate of Rayne High School. She is currently attending SLCC Nursing-RN Program.
Tori lives in Branch with her two young boys. She is a graduate of Rayne High School and is currently attending LSUE in Eunice majoring in nursing.
Circus treats - can’t you smell them - fluffy and colorful and sugary cotton candy or warm buttery popcorn. Cotton Candy Izzy, food vendors Layne Autin, Rylie Denais, Buddy Denais and Popcorn Lexi Miller enjoyed the circus fun to the music of “Popcorn.”
Lexi is the eighteen year old daughter of Nick Miller and Crystal Alleman Eskine. Lexi is a graduate of Church Point High School and she is currently attending LSUE in Eunice.
What’s black and white and striped all over? The circus zebra -- the member of the pony family that’s truly never been domesticated. Zebra Jessica Houston entered to the tune of Zebra.”
Jessica is the 40-year-old daughter of Joey and Janet Sonnier. She has been married to Craig Houston for fourteen years and they make their home in Rayne with their four children.
Following a Mardi Gras toast by the entire court and addresses by Derise and Bouy, in which each expressed their appreciation for Chairperson Michelle Autin and committee members, the court led a promedade and parade walk throughout the Civic Center to end the formal part of the night’s festivities.
The remainder of the night was spent dancing enjoying the night “Under the Big Top.”

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